We are now accepting inquiries for Membership and Support roles in our family.

Before inquiring about membership Please read About BOTW and F.A.Q. to understand what were about.

Brotherhood of the Wolf has decided to go in a different direction than other Heavy Metal clubs.

  1. The first thing is we do not recruit people it seems a little much to ask someone to join our club like we have the answers for their life. We don’t have the answers, but together we will find them as a family.
  2. We do not have or endorse a prospect status for membership. We will go into more detail at the time of your inquiry.
  3. We will not ask for Dues to be part of our family. The only thing that would be required is the purchase are 2 club and 2 strip patches.

This is the Official Brotherhood of the Wolf Club Patch

This is a Mandatory Club patch and its  $18.

Some may say that’s a lot of money for just one patch. Well here’s the thing we wanted a quality patch to show were serious and the quality of the patch represents the quality of your club.

This is a fully stitched and quality patch that we are proud of the effort that went into making this patch.

Support Patches.

We have decided to offer a Support/Unity patch for the people who believe in what we do, but do not want to commitment. Full Members are encouraged to have one of these patches.

These patches are available to Anyone who wants one be it friend or foe. if you want one of these patches your more than welcome to purchase one from us.

In our family there are 2 factions Werewolf Nation and Vampyre Nation.

The idea was aimed to empower both female and male members, but I have found the gender line of these factions seems to have disappeared with Males wanting to be part of the Vampyre Nation and Females wanting to be part of the Werewolf Nation. So its now up to ones personal preference.

The main idea for offering these patches to Members and Non Members is to build a new Type of Social Networking.

Band’s, Fans and anyone who supports the Hard Rock/Metal Scene and its sub genres to come together under something positive. We want them to be a universal family that will help make the scene become stronger and grow.

If you go to a show and seen one of these patches on someones Vest, Hoodie Shirt or Whatever they will be considered family. Buy them a drink, Introduce yourself, Shake their Hand or give them a Hug. We want to break down the boundaries that seem to go up at shows where people keep to their own little group instead of being social.

This is our attempt to remedy that with this offering.

These patches are $12 and are made of Twill…This is a quality patch also like I said were making a statement with these patches so they will be a little more but worth it.

For the Record Brotherhood of the Wolf will not make any profit from the sale of these patch’s ever just like we did with our Justice for Randy Shirts. all patches are purchased at cost and the only cost side of the patch will be for the cost of a postage stamp and envelope.


If you like what were about and want to become part of our family then email your inquiry to brotherhoodofthewolfhmc@gmail.com or Click on Contact to send us a message.