Tribe Hierarchy



Forest Hierarchy:

Spirit Wolf-Creator

I am the creator of the Forest Realm of Metal. My primary goal is to bring the Children of Metal together in a unified world and home. Here they can be free from being an outcast, from musical judgment and to have a home with a real extended family.

In our forest when you call someone your brother or sister it will have meaning and not be just some buzz word. If I call you my brother or sister I truly mean it with all my heart and soul as I would expect it from everyone in our forest. I maintain our forests integrity by up holding our Laws of the Land and ensure they are enforced. With out them guiding us like a candle in the dark we will lose our way as a family.

Let it be known that all of this is not or will ever be self serving at anytime!!!!

I’m one of the most approachable people in the world. I do not rule with a heavy hand or have an ego that needs to be satisfied with power.

We lift each other as family and climb the Mountain together always!!!!

Spirit Wolf



The Gatekeepers responsibility is to welcome new members, bands to our family and handle all club inquiries. Also handles the our clubs Public relations and promotions  with bands, show promoters, venues, interviews on behalf of the creator if he is not available. If he’s attending a show for one of our bands he offers his services to  help out with the bands needs( being a stage hand loading gear in and out , Band Introductions)


Forest Realm Council

Our Forest is ever growing so we have a Werewolf Nation Council to guide you.

The Council will over see that Honor and Respect is up held Among all.

  Each Nation is under a Pack Leader and every Pack will will known from its state as so.

California Wolf Pack is an example this will change state to state depending on geographical region.