We are now accepting inquiries for Membership . We do not have or endorse a prospect status for membership. We do however, conduct an extensive interview to see if we are on the same page. We will not ask for dues to be part of our club. The only thing that would be required is a one time fee for the purchase are 2 club and 2 strip patches discussed when you are accepted for membership. Females can indeed be patched members but all is under the Brotherhood of The Wolf. We are a club from diverse backgrounds we are non judgmental of someone’s way of life unless it’s harmful to their self or others. We do not promote or tolerate any illegal activity and we are not and do not act like a motorcycle club.


Were not an online Club but we can be reached on Facebook at the Following Links

In the US  https://www.facebook.com/metalbrotherhood/

In Germany https://www.facebook.com/BOTWGermany/

In Metal \,,/