Code of the Wolf

Laws of the Land

1. Always Respect All Brotherhood of the Wolf Brothers and Sisters along with the bands we support

2. We are Family from all Races, Sex and Religious backgrounds we are not judgmental of someone’s way of life unless it’s harmful to their self or others.

3. Were not Territorial and respect all “Lifestyle” &”Social” Clubs/Activities with in the Metal Scene.

4. Werewolf Nation Male and Female members will always be Equal in stature.

5. We represent our family and club our actions speak volumes to others how we conduct our self’s online, in Interviews and in Public at shows.
This can shine a light on us or cast a very dark cloud be mindful what you are doing and how others may perceive you and this club.

6. The following will not be permitted with in our Packs


*Drama- Any and all Drama will not be tolerated in any form!!

Actions that disrupt this clubs functions will be grounds for a level 2 reprimand and then dismissal if repeated.
If we are working with Bands,Promoters, and some Venues and come across the wrong way they will think twice about working with us ever.

*Gang Mentality

No gang mentality will be tolerated and is a automatic 2nd level offense.
(A Description of Gang Mentality can be acquired from your Pack Leader)

*Undermining of anyone inside or outside of the Pack including Local Bands.

* Sexual Harassment WILL NOT Be Tolerated By Anyone!!!

3rd Strike Rule WILL BE Applied, 1st strike= Warning, 2nd Strike= Probation, 3rd Strike= Dismissal.
(Harassment Defined As The Following: Unwelcome Conversation or Action creating an intimidating or hostile environment.Sexual harassment may be found in a single episode, as well as in persistent behavior)

7. Racism will NOT be tolerated in any form!!!
Comments based on Race, Religion, Sex, National or Orientation are unwelcome here and can be grounds for dismissal.

8. This is a Heavy Metal/Social Club our insignia is our representation of our family and support for the Metal Community. it should not be worn while operating or riding on a motorcycle out of respect for the MC (Motor Cycle Club) in your area also world wide.

9. All Leadership from the Pack leaders up to the Creator can be approached about any trouble. Pack Leaders should be the first people to go to if there’s any questions.

10. The Laws of the Land are not set in stone and can be changed with a unanimous decision by the Creator, Pack Leaders.