Words from the Creators Lair #2

Words from the Creators Lair #2







A World Wide Metal Family









This weekend I attended a backyard party for a friend of mine and had a good time also seen something really cool…. what I seen and heard in this semi lighted back yard were 3 bands. 2 were old school Death Metal and the 3rd I have no idea what you can call them but none the less they showed up to play. Watching this made me reminisce about playing back yard parties when I was a teenager and some of the pitfalls and victories.

(band before you taking too much time setting up and breaking down their gear, the Police showing up for the first time of the night, the super drunk person in the pit and just the over all gathering it self, Admiration from your peers)

I do look back to what was and what is and it seems about the same.  I had this saying stuck in my head

“All this has happened before. All this will happen again.”

It was a very surreal thought for me that all of this has gone past the bounds of time and it was like reliving the past all over again.

The other thing that came to mind was where in the world is this same scene playing out?

I often see Metal like a plant or flower ready to sprout and spread its seeds where the winds take them to start a new. The really cool thing is we are all from the same seed pod we are bound by the Metal that flows through our veins.

We create bands because of our forefathers who paved the way for us to live on in their foot steps and somewhere in the world right now someone is picking up a guitar for the first time or drums or bass.

The love of Metal is what’s burns inside of us were all brothers and sisters in Metal we are a driving force in music if something is in our way we should band together when something has threatened what we love.

The Bill Ward/Black Sabbath turmoil that landed at our doorstep was a good example of us banding together and in one voice made it known that we would not accept anything less than the original band!!

To see how many people responded this story made me much Honored and Proud to be part of a larger family \m/ this is what I preach about in life and also this Club.

I started this not to be self serving because I don’t have an ego that needs to be fed but to do the same thing as those many voices who cried out did… To Bring People Together as Family!!!

A German poet named Friedrich Schiller once said “Even the weak become strong when they are united”

My Goal is to empower people never to enslave them to a cause. What I have created with the help of my brothers and sisters will always be about the Music, the Bands and being a Metal Family. Being a real Family is knowing when times are tough you can reach out to someone via phone or what ever medium you choose and speak to someone who is a real brother or sister to you’re in your time of need. We all have good times and bad times in life and like the Prophet Bill Hicks said once “Life is a Ride” sometimes the ride will bring you great enjoyment and in other cases sorrow. We get by because we know someone is there for you to pick you up and say “I got your back Brother or Sister”

If you really take a long look at it all we have family everywhere and just because you don’t see it with your own eyes does not mean it does not exist. Our numbers stood up to something we all believed in and accomplished something great. Now can you imagine what we could do if put a little more effort?

Food for thought….



     In Metal…. \m/

  Spirit Wolf/Creator


Words from the Creators Lair

Words from the Creators Lair

First of all I would like to thank everyone for all the positive feedback we have received. Its nice to know the Heart of Metal is still alive and its fans will never fade away you’re a gift from the Wolf Spirit.

I have seen so much in this world a lot of good and a lot of bad.

One of the things I took Solace in when times were bad was Music also some of the best times I have enjoyed had to do with Music. My First Concert (Iron Maiden August 4 1981) Bonding with other Metal Heads (JR High School to my Adult Age) My First Guitar (Age 15) and First Band (Age 17)

All these actions were the catalyst to becoming a true metal fan. In Metal there is no right or wrong answers in the music and it’s so diverse in sound and Fan Base.

I know we can be very opinionated as Humans/Werewolf’s/Vampires.
I myself have had that dark side come out but to be a true Metal fan you don’t let this pave your destiny. We live in a larger world that we do not see because of our everyday Activities and Hang ups in life that cloud that thought or image.

What this comes down to is we are part of a larger family that’s really been overlooked for so long and is beyond this club or anything else.

It’s the Brother and Sister Hood of Metal that we share this gift of music. Someone once told me music stems from a tribal type of ritual where music is played in praise and celebration of the tribe. We are the Tribe we are the Fans we are the Musicians who create the Music.

So the next time you’re at a show enjoy yourself!!!! Praise the people who share our Love for Metal also praise the Bands who are playing the music we love.

Lastly……you’re in the company of family raise your horns and Let it all out!!!!



In Metal…. \m/

Spirit Wolf

The Creator






The Birth of Something New

The Birth of Something New

Welcome to the New Year of Metal!!!! This February 13th marks the Release of the first Black Sabbath album and Heavy Metal will be 42 years strong! This one release set the pace for the Different Flavors of Metal and Bands we enjoy today. The one thing about the Heavy Metal community scene then is we have always had bonded with our bands and the scene. We have started Social Clubs to praise Metal in all its glory. But its time for a change on how it’s done and viewed by all. We are Children of Metal we are sometimes looked down on and deemed outcasts by others because they do not choose to understand our Diversity.

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Brotherhood of the Wolf has opened it doors for all Children of Metal. We are one family from all Races, Sex and Religious back rounds. We support all forms of Metal respectfully and help get the word out about Local Metal no matter what their geographic regions are. The Goal of our Club is for the preservation of Metal, Unity in the scene and being part of something positive.


Our Family Credo
Follow me down the path
I will walk beside you
Guiding and showing you the way
I will not leave you
I will be standing on the path watching you
If you ever feel alone
Close your eyes
You will see 6 sets of foot prints
2 belonging to you, 4 to me
Then you will know that I have not left you
I will be there to guide you, whenever you need.


In Metal,

Brotherhood of the Wolf……..

“I’ve always said that the best wolf habitat resides in the human heart. You have to leave a little space for them to live.” – Ed Bangs